Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I loved reading Kaths last post-Kath-if you tick enable comments at the end of your message under post options your fans can leave you a note! ;-)
I think Kath's description about her interaction with her grandbaby is just delicious, and her reflections-soooo cool!
There is another R word that's quite popular at this time of the year-RESOLUTIONS!!!!! I walked into the Piha store and there was a message from the owners on the blackboard "Good luck with your New Years resolutions of giving up smoking and losing weight!" OMG how did he know that I want to shed those kilos that crept on my middle last year and have left me feeling like the Dunlop Tyre woman??? I have never been a smoker so at least I don't have to worry about that one!
Ah well, more carrots and less chocolate and hot chips.......I HAVE to, my riding jacket has become so tight the buttons are threatening strike action and if I don't watch it they might just ping off and smack someone in the eye-imagine that ACC claim!

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