Thursday, January 28, 2010

The iPad

The highly anticipated launch of the Apple Tablet happened this morning (NZ time)Steve Jobs has announced the iPad (my fav name for the device) and as suspected by many in appearance is like a flattened iPhone.
Specs include a 9.7 screen surrounded by a wide bezel. It will have between 16GB and 64GB solid state flash memory and weighs 680grams.
It has 10 hour battery life so will be perfect for watching video on long plane trips.
Apps will include Apple Works for iPad, an Art app, iBooks which includes a virtual bookshelf where books are displayed. The iBook reader looks similar to the app I currently have on my iPhone.
So what to use the iPad for? Movies, games, reading books, email, web browsing etc etc.
Check out this link for more information and photos

An aside Mark Webster's website he mentions that Air New Zealand is in the process of adding iPod & USB jacks to economy seats, very handy I think.



Jo said...

For info on tech specs check out this link

click here

Marlise Shadbolt said...

You poor girls, you can't have it till we get better services in New Zealand.

Ian said...

It definitely seems that mobile computing is one of the key trends for education in 2010 and already they are a multitude of articles speculating about how the iPad will fit in. I guess we won't know until we have one in our hands - but it certainly looks promising.