Monday, July 18, 2016

More images by Feng Zikai

Here are some more images by Feng Zikai...

This image painted by Feng Zikai gives a very clear message about his views of education

I photographed this image when I visited his home in Shanghai. I offer this image of Feng Zikai’s work as a provocation for everyone. Teachers and academics alike. What ideas might Feng Zikai be suggesting by this image….

Wendy Lee

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A very special visit to meet Song Xue Jun

A very special visit to meet Song Xue Jun

A very special gift from Song Xue Jun - Paintings by Feng Zaikai and here he is signing this lovely book!

Today was a very special day, I felt so privileged to meet Feng Zikai’s grandson in Shanghai and also to visit Feng Zikai’s home. This home is no longer open to the general public, so it was such a special opportunity to go in and explore this house, and learn from Song Xue Jun about Feng Zikai and his family.

This image on the left is painted by Feng Zikai, it is an image of Song Xue Jun when he was 3 months old! I feel so much resonance with the work of Feng Zikai, his image of the child was so rich, creative, strong and powerful. Feng Zikai was a most extraordinary human being. His ability to listen deeply to children is without question, his writing so eloquent in expressing the significance of these views. He witnessed children’s lives in such a magnificent way, calling childhood the ‘golden age’. Feng Zikai was a true advocate for children, we need him as much today as we did during his lifetime. 

Thank you Song Xue Jun for a very fabulous day to be remembered always.

Wendy Lee