Friday, April 17, 2015

ECE Innovation

This is a quote from the article above:
"One of the reasons that the New Zealand conference venue was chosen was the fact that the country of New Zealand is now considered by many to house the best designed early childhood programs in the world. New Zealand constantly integrates spectacular, innovative, building designs with natural surroundings indoors and outdoors. New Zealand appears to now have overtaken Sweden and Norway as the most innovative designer of children’s spaces in the world. We believe that all of us have so much to learn from the New Zealand experience of uniting children with beauty, functionality, and nature every day. "

If you have wonderful outdoor or indoor spaces that you want to share with the ECE community please contact us and we would love to put them on the ELP blog.

Friday, April 3, 2015


Below are several quotes from author Robert John Meehan who said "Be a reflective teacher. Honestly look at what you do from time to time.  Evaluate the purpose of your role as a teacher."

Being a reflective teacher means  researching, reflecting and evaluating on aspects of our practice.  To keep doing the same thing over and over could be called complacency. Kotter, PJ wrote, "Leaders (teachers) will never state that they have decided to strategically become complacent – however inaction is still a decision, albeit often an emotional rather than logical one. The failure to grasp opportunities to ‘think different’ and take action with a sense of urgency means they have decided to accept the status quo simply because it’s easier for them."

Any one of the below statements from Robert John Meehan could be used as the inspiration to reflect on teaching and learning within our centres.

"Our teaching should always be artfully crafted. It should impart something that is in itself sacred to the senses of our students." 

"The best teachers are those who pass on their zeal and enthusiasm as a legacy to their students." 

 "Learning becomes relevant when we connect it with reality." - Robert John Meehan 

 "Be diligent in trusting that what we do in the classroom could possibly echo for a lifetime in the heart of a student."- Robert John Meehan   

These quotes have come from: