Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Update on progress of programme starting in Shenzhen

Update on the progress since last year at the Shenzhen Experimental Kindergarten, China

Rainy shares work from each of the classrooms. All have set up areas for portfolios and couches to sit on and read the portfolios. Jane and I look at the work - very impressive. 
During the week long programme, teachers are also taught by the Shenzhen teachers who share the work they have been doing on Learning Stories

Wendy and Zhou Jing (translator) redefine the "PLAY (play / game)" and their value to the teachers. The children are constantly exploring and discovering the world around them by playing / playing the game. Teachers should pay attention to and support them. Children provide a safe, rich environment, and plenty of time to explore. Teachers should also learn to listen, physical and mental state to be in the state with the children, find the child's WOW time, and timely record the child's flash point.

Environment Creation | Middle Class Mixed Area Museum
Shenzhen Experimental Kindergarten team shift to the regional activities as the starting point, combined with the characteristics of each class area, to build the middle class mixed area museum, so that children choose, explore, operate, through the material, environment, peer interaction to promote children All-round study and development!
In a class of environmental creation theme is "super town" role of the game center. Class within the use of various types of cloth, clear lines and other materials, showing a warm and gentle atmosphere of life. "Super town" can not only reflect the imitation of children's symbolic game, but also to meet the child's imitation and the psychological needs of independent games. One of the characteristics of the district is: super joy theater, super seafood it, super book bar.

"Come to the customer" - Shenzhen Experimental Kindergarten 26th Pioneer Technology Festival opening it!
This is the opening of the Technology Programme. There are two very strong parent clubs at this kindergarten, one for fathers and another for mothers. They are key lparticipants in this special production….

The images with balloons is the start of another Shenzhen Experimental kindergarten - I had a visit to this kindergarten and meet with a number of teachers for a discussion around documentation and learning stories.

Dehui Shuangxiu - Shenzhen experimental kindergarten "wisdom college" was formally established
This is another development at Shenzhen Exp Kgtn. They were launching a new new professional learning initiative called the Wisdom programme. I was invited to address the gathering and assist with the launch.
Wisdom Institute is initiated by the Shenzhen Experimental Kindergarten and set up a teacher training camp for teachers to provide a learning and practice of the power field, designed to cultivate freedom, innovation, content, hard work teachers. Here, anyone has the opportunity to express, any ideas can be respected, there is no standard answer, there is no black or white right or wrong, you can always find their own supporters.

Traditional growth file VS learning story growth file
Shenzhen experimental kindergarten teachers, began a new attempt to challenge the traditional growth of the file to "study the story" for children in the kindergarten to establish a happy file.