Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Literacy Retreat at Tauhara, in Taupo

We have just held a Literacy Retreat at Tauhara. Tauhara has been established in order to create a place for people to come together for community, learning, inspiration and personal growth. This was certainly a perfect place for our retreat. The people of this place have a vision:
" Kotahi tonu te Wairua o nga mea katoa :
There is one Spirit that flows through all "

They are concerned with the wholeness and interdependence of all creation. They see Tauhara as a place for everyone. We certainly experienced this vision at Tauhara. It was founded to create a spiritual and educational centre which would draw together people of differing viewpoints and methods of working, but united in their search for truth and the establishment of goodwill and understanding in the world. People come to Tauhara from all walks of life, all faiths, people who hold many diverse views. I feel we truly represented this vision at our retreat.