Wednesday, January 6, 2010

on a roll

Ok now I am on a roll-look out world!!!! I have just had a message to say that my post was successful! YES!!! AND I managed to put a photo up and it was all very easy.....!
So now I want to show you a photo of me with my horse at our last show for 2009! It was a dressage day and there was a class-just for fun for the most christmassy horse-no problem-I though-I had it sewn up!!!! But_what I hadn't bargained on was the likihood that the other people in the class would be CHILDREN!!!! Never perform with children or animals-THEY ARE SURE TO OUTSHINE YOU!!!! This was no exception! I was the only adult in the class-which says a lot! I came second and won some anti wrinkle cream! ANTI WRINKLE CREAM!!!??? They must have meant it for my horse-...surely!!!!! The winner was one very cute child on a pony and she threw candy canes out to the crowd!!! OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE-what hope did I have competing with that! Blatant bribery!


Annika said...

Well done Julie! Not sure about the anti wrinkle cream but you and Rommie look fab.

Jo said...

Hey Jule's
I am very impressed with your ICT blogging capabilities! The first ELP person to post a photo or two and such fab ones too!

Wendy said...

Incredible, started life as a technophobe and now stands in ICT Queen position!!! Love the photos and the fabulous blogging!!