Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post from Margy Whalley

Many of you will have seen images of Britain and Europe as they have faced unprecedented snow falls across the lands. The satellite images of Britain entirely blanketed in snow were extraordinary. Thousands of schools and early childhood settings have been closed for days as people struggled to make their way each day. Margy Whalley from Pen Green in Corby, England has sent us this delightful image of her grand daughter playing in the snow and a blog to attach!

Margy writes

We are all so jealous that you are basking in the sunshine while we are suffering in the cold!

My Gorgeous 22 month Grand daughter

Molly was only induced to leave her snowman by the promise that we’d be sure to throw snowballs at her window and dance in the snow before he left. In fact days later he’s still there so no problem!



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