Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Just like Ping, I am the last duck to board the ELP blog boat! Quack quack!!!! This is my first blog ever, and I have a few how do I put a photo on this thing???Being a visual learner this is very important to me!
I love summer, and being on holiday!!! We have had glorious weather and I am enjoying riding my horses for many hours every day! It is glorious to be alive and well!
My dear friend Josh is eleven years old and currently on round three of his chemotherapy treatment for leukemia, its an amazing journey, sometimes sad, funny and profound. I spent Christmas morning in Starship with Josh and his family, we had lots of fun dressing up in mad hats and wigs, everyone who came through the door was thrown into a new persona with the help of one of the dress-ups. how do I put a photo this space-I aspire to being a blogging pro......

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