Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Christmas Break!

I have been reflecting on the Christmas break and am thinking about the learning this brings.

There were the usual highlights. There was the pleasure and joy in a growing family that now includes new additions with each year and in-law members. There was the sharing of good food, great company and having fun together.

There were gifts and presents of wide variety and the delight and joy of giving, receiving and opening to share. There was the annual decoration of the whole lounge room floor beautifully strewn in the discards of hasty present un-wrapping.

Santa brought some water guns and yes we had a water pistol or two already here. For a great water fight and in the name of fairness we added in some loaded lemonade drink bottles. Water fights have been a family tradition in our family for a while.

Then there were the Christmas sales. Well in the Sale there were water guns with the equivalent of nuclear war heads. So again in the name of fair fighting I bought three of them. They have a 7 metre spray range with a 500ml tank capacity. I headed home from the shop and had lunch. The fight was on. Daughters, mother, father, son-in-law and two grand children fully armed. The fight started on the drive way (concrete). Running shooting squealing and water eschewed. Husband ran for cover beside the house. I crouched and waited to ambush and inflict the full force of my new super squirter. To cut a long story and water fight short – I stepped into the drain and fell backwards onto my right hand and Whew yep knew it straight away broke my wrist. Everyone saw it and calmly, not wanting to scare the small ones around me with big eyes, I held my arm tight and asked for a clean shirt, a brush of my hair and a ride to the medical centre. I returned with a bright and shining sling and cast to a fanfare of interest and care.

I have learnt a lot about being the ‘cared for’ rather than being the ‘carer’. I have learnt how to ask for and accept help. I have learnt that making mistakes is easy for me - forgiving myself and being kind to myself for those mistakes is a “work in progress”.

I have learnt about pain and how it made me grouchy at times with those who were caring. I have learnt about patience and taking a little longer to do things. I have always thought that I am left-handed - in fact, I am two handed!!! and so my brain has had to work hard at me being one-handed and I am proud to say I can do most things one-handed!!!

As Hawaiki, 4 years old, left to go home from what we now call Christmas Break 2011 he said

“Nana you won’t be having water fights anymore now eh?”

I said “Oh yes I will. Next time – we will just be on the grass”.

So I learnt about taking risks and rose to Hawaiki’s challenge. I will not be hanging up my water gun yet. And Hawaiki learnt that nana’s have fun and can pick herself up and keep going - ready with her water gun another day.

As I write this the car is packed for my trip to Hawaiki and Pipiana’s house and yes the cast is waterproof and the gun is loaded... And we look forward to another fabulous learning year.


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