Monday, February 20, 2017

Exciting News!

--> This is very exciting news. The following three New Zealand books have been translated into Chinese, they are: 

1.Assessment in early Childhood Settings: Learning Stories by Margaret Carr

2.Learning Stories: Constructing Learner Identities in Early Education by Margaret Carr and Wendy Lee

3.Learning in the Making: Disposition and Design in Early Education by Margaret Carr, Anne Smith, Judith Duncan,Wendy Lee, Carolyn Jones and Kate Marshall 

Learning in the Making has made the Chinese list of the top 100 books that are influencing teachers in 2016. This list was initiated by the Chinese Education News Network, and the Chinese Education Press Agency is the supervising board of this network. 

The list was decided based on readers' feedback, major educational book publishers’ recommendations and a group of expert judges’ opinions. 

There are 6 catagories of the books:  educational theories, educational psychology, teachers’ professional development, early childhood education, general education, and culture. 

“Learning in the making” is one of books chosen under the early childhood educational books category. It is one of only 9 early childhood books that made the list and it rates number 52 on the list of 100.

All of the chosen books were published in 2016, and they are regarded as high quality books and have good influences on teachers.

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Jean Rockel said...

Congratulations. There couldn't be a better collection: it's inspiring to think of ideas from NZ being spread so far afield.