Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tinkering with ideas, sticks, mud, string......

This link will take you to a TED Talk by Gever Tulley.  I love the introduction to the talk  as he describes the exact moment he starts growing his ideas about Tinkering School.  The catalyst were some words of a parents who asks....."Is that a stick? You know the rules about sticks....." In one of the posts below titled 'The Journey' my mokopuna delighted in playing with sticks.
"When children are encouraged to solve problems on their own, they learn a great deal through the questions and hands-on experiments that lead to a solution.  Even preverbal children pose questions and identify problems - think of a baby who works hard to grasp an out-of-reach toy.....The process of being curious about something, asking questions, and exploring various solutions are all part of the fun of learning." (Rachelle Doorley,2014)

I wonder what the rules about sticks are in early childhood centres?  I remember reading a list of the 10 best toys ever - toys such as string, boxes, mud and the number one toy was THE STICK!!!

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