Thursday, July 19, 2012


Earlier this year I posted to the blog an invitation for you to share the ways in which you are using ICT in your settings, in particular I wanted to find out the following:

What digital devices (Computers, Cameras, tablets, MP3 players etc) you have in your centre and how you are using these.

What programmes do you find most useful and what are you using them for?

Do you blog or are you part of any online community? Do you use Wiki’s or Google Documents? What do you use these for?

What has helped or hindered your use of ICT?

How are children using the ICT you have within your setting?

Do you have iPads, iPods or other handheld devices that children are able to use and if so what are they using them for?

If you are using an iPad, what apps are you finding useful?

I have had feed back from a few centres, and am very keen to have a variety of centres represented to get a clear picture of the way ICT is being used within Early Childhood Settings currently.  I would really like to hear from you, this is such a good way to show case some of the work you are doing within your setting. If you have any learning stories, photos or teacher reflections I could use that would be great (I would need permissions for these).

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