Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goodbye Megan (Professional Practice Manager, Northland Kindergarten Assn)

Alison writes:

It is difficult when you are very far away from home and loved ones to hear of the death of a good friend. Megan Cooke was the kind of friend that would always tell you the truth, who laughed readily and was a wise and lovely woman. I can’t quite believe we have lost her. I will miss our animated discussions about the joys and wonders of teaching and I am reminded so much to take every moment of friendship as a precious gift and that our individual strength and wisdom comes from those who we are closest to and whom we trust and love the most.
If you knew Megan you would know her beautiful singing voice, her giggle that often grew into gulps of uncontrollable laughter and her passion for sewing, amongst many other wise gifts.
It is very early in the morning here in England, already the birds are waking and I can hear the river flowing, the rhythm of nature moves on. Time to appreciate our friends and those we love, as we never get these moments back.

Goodbye Megan

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